How to Get MORE Out of Your Business

Over the years we've helped many businesses reduce their costs,
generating between £50k - £2.0M cash per project...

We can help you:-
Reduce Your Costs
Reduce Non-Value Waste
Improve Your Companies Productivity
Improve Your Companies Sales and Profits

Atherton Management Services Ltd are about helping people in business to reduce costs and Improve Productivity and Profits by 'Lean Business Improvement'...

Management Services: We are specialists in Lean Business Improvement and Industrial Engineering, time and motion study, consultants in process management

Factory Floor Layout Design - Process Design and Improvement.
Warehouse Layout Design - Inventory and Kanban Organisation.
Office Process Mapping - Organisation Charting - Activity Sampling...

Time and Motion - Method Study - Cycle Time Study - Flow-line Balancing.
Root Cause Analysis - Value Stream Mapping - Process Mapping - Costing.
Lean Techniques - Six Sigma - 5S - OEE - SMED - TPM - WCM - MTM2
Continuous Improvement - Visual Management - Production Controls.
Project Management - Change Management - Energy Management.

We've been in business for over 25 years. Delivering Business Transformation through Process Evaluation, Development, Improvement and Implementation. We deliver Innovation and Change...

Our Background Is: General Manufacturing, Automotive, Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Industrial Woodworking, Food and Textiles, Defence and M.O.D. NHS Trust. Civil Engineering...

For further information please Phone or E-Mail:

Phone        08448 870 970
UK Mobile  07970 333 466

Atherton Management Services Ltd - Interim Advisory Services in Manufacturing Linkedin
Offices in Atherton and Hindley Nr Wigan, Servicing Manchester the NW & the UK.
Manufacturing Advisory Service and Solutions - improving process productivity.

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